Whitney Dane

Herbalist & Personal Chef  |  Chapel Hill, NC

Whitney is a dreamer, visionary and culinary alchemist. A classically trained chef and herbalist, Whitney was raised in the LA farm-to-table movement at the iconic Hollywood restaurant, AMMO, nurturing celebrities and other industry elite. After launching multiple restaurants in New York City, she turned to the private kitchens of her high-profile clients.

Eventually returning to her roots in North Carolina, Whitney founded The Honeysuckle Tea House and Farm. She continues to rewild our communities' palates, through her garden-to-glass herbal beverages, teas and plant-to-product creations. Working intimately with local herbalists, farmers, beekeepers, mycologists, foragers and other food industry philosophers, Whitney continues to use her unique skill set to integrate these traditions and elevate our food consciousness. A mother to three sons – Jack and twin toddler boys, Hugh and Cosmo – Whitney teaches kids and adults to cook, offering workshops through Abundance NC, Midway Community Kitchen and Omega Institute, New York.

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Whitney is participating in the Sustainable Classroom on 10/19 at Southern Season.