Rob Mariani

Alley Twenty Six & Behind the Stick Provisions  |  Durham, NC

Rob is a world-traveling cocktail enthusiast. After years bartending in New Zealand, Washington D.C. and beyond, Rob landed in Durham to work in the craft cocktail bar Alley Twenty Six.   

Most recently, Rob and his business partner, Shannon Healy, launched Alley Twenty Six Tonic Syrup under the name Behind The Stick Provisions. Their foray into the beverage industry stems from a desire to bring the philosophy of making the best cocktails using the best ingredients available for home use. 

Born Estonia and raised in New York City, Rob moved to Los Angeles for a career in the film business, but found his calling in the cocktail world after a stint working in New Zealand during the early 2000s. He returned to the U.S. and worked in high-end restaurants in Washington DC, including Oyamel (José Andres' Think Food Group), The Oval Room (Knightsbridge Restaurant Group) and Agraria (now Founding Farmers).

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For TerraVita 2017, Alley Twenty Six and Behind the Stick Provisions is participating in the Grand Tasting on The Green on 10/21.